About Me

Hello! I'm Kasia, a user experience and product designer currently based in Canada. As a Product Designer I strive to create intuitive, accessible, and visually-compelling designs that can live amongst a variety of platforms and emerging technologies.

With a background in graphic and brand design, I'm able to lend a strong creative perspective on elements such as typography, visual hierarchy, and building out design systems. I equally enjoy understanding data (both qualitative and quantitative) and facilitating user research, and finding ways these can be leveraged to identify opportunities and create impact.

My current role touches every aspect of the UX design process. Including some of the following:
Defining UX strategy
Facilitating user research
Gathering and analyzing quantitive and qualitative data
Creating journey maps, user flows, page IA, and wireframes
Partnering with engineering to understand potentials and limitations
Creating and maintaining design systems


I love meeting new people and working together to bring a vision and brand to life. I truly believe that the best design-driven products are built as a team in an environment in which creativity flourishes, risks are taken, and collaboration is encouraged. I'm often hired by clients for:
Brand Strategy:
Logo Design
Web Design and Development
Print Collateral
If you have a project in-mind or just want to say hello send an email kasiabedkowski@gmail.com


I’m a curious person by nature and am always working on learning something new, whether it be through a class, workshop, or simply just a good book. I also believe that a life well-lived is through finding balance and simple pleasures in the outdoors - on trails, the water, even a tiny balcony—and very much off-screen.
My love for capturing travel, landscape, food, and unexpected moments through photography now extends into a small business where I sell custom prints for clients.